heiizel speaks :) Jesus Christ's Baby :)) ♥ JESUS, LOVER OF MY SOUL My Saviour, my Closest Friend, I will worship you until the very END. :* There is ONLY ONE GOD in this world. There is ONLY ONE GOD I WILL SERVE. (: PRETTY.SEXY! Easy to be with. I can be the BEST girl you can ever had. But don't you try mess up with me, I'll show you how WORST I can be. I am not born to please anyone. SPOILED BRAT. Unica Hija. image

Not your perfect girl.


  • I’m lame.
  • I eat like a guy.
  • I’m annoying.
  • I’m high tempered and I’m a cry baby.
  • I laugh weirdly.
  • I don’t look like barbie.
  • I like wearing loose shirts.
  • I love watching cartoons and movie marathons.
  • I love to eat, specially sweet food.
  • I’m clumsy and most of the time I spill my food.


 I will love you like nobody else did. I’m sweet and I can show you that you’re all that I need. I may not be the “perfect” girl, but I’ll be your perfect love.

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That person’s mine.


You see that person you’re trying to get at? Yeah, that person’s mine. You know what that means? That means don’t flirt with them when you guys talk, don’t start calling them ”baby” & other pet names, don’t start inviting them out to go out dates with you, don’t start acting like they’re yours. Why? ‘Cause only I’m allowed to do that. I ain’t saying you can’t be friends with them, I’m saying respect the fact that it’s all you can be with them.

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